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Revolutionising Tap Dance Education

Introducing Tap Mode:
The Future of Tap Dance Instruction

Are you ready to step into a world where tap dance meets innovation? Look no further than Tap Mode – the ultimate solution for dance studios seeking to elevate their tap dance programs to new heights.

Our mission is simple: to breathe new life into tap dancing and make it as popular and exciting as ever before. With our cutting-edge syllabus and original music created by Sound Moda, we're here to redefine the tap dance experience for dancers of all ages and skill levels.


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We are extremely proud and excited to partner with Bloch, the world’s leading technical dance footwear and apparel provider.

For a limited time, we will be gifting you a pair of Jason Samuels Smith black tap shoes, valued at $350 when you purchase the Tap Mode program.

The JJS tap shoe achieves an exquisite pitch and depth of sound and is a definite favourite of tappers worldwide!

Why Choose Tap Mode?

Innovative Curriculum

Our ten-level syllabus blends traditional tap techniques with contemporary choreography, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded dance education.

Exclusive Original Music

You'll never tire of our original music, crafted by Soundmoda exclusively for Tap Mode. From pop to jazz, RnB to hip hop, our music will keep you tapping to the groove

Engaging Class Structure

Say goodbye to dull routines and hello to dynamic classes! Tap Mode's structured format keeps students focused and motivated, with clear warm-ups, challenging exercises, and exciting routines.

Easy to use Platform

Our program is delivered in an easy-to-use format. You'll receive online access to our learning centre with step-by-step guides. You'll also receive full syllabus downloads for on-the-go!

Are you a studio owner? Click 'Find Out More' to receive our full information pack and discover why why studios across Australia are choosing us as their go-to tap dance solution.

Music Made For Now

Music can either make or break your tap class. Students want music as they hear on TikTok or in the latest viral dance video. Teachers need music that has the perfect tempo with an excellent bar structure that isn't going to drive you crazy hearing the same tracks on repeat. This is why we, alongside SOUNDMODA, have created original music to bring you the perfect tracks to ensure your classes are a sure-fire hit with the click of a button.

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The program is modern and attractive to our students, with refreshing and upbeat music that they love! We have found the level of engagement and popularity surrounding our tap classes has increased! 

Robyn Parras, Prodigy Performing Arts

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